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  • settings.xml - is a configuration file which allows you to change the settings of your server, like hostname, password or resources to load, etc..


The following table will explain the use of the following settings:

Setting Default value Description
servername Simple GTA Network Server Server name that will be displayed to the master server.
password Your server password. Leave blank for no password.
serverport 4499 The port that the server will use. Server uses both UDP and TCP protocols.
maxplayers 16 Maximum number of players your server will hold.
minclientversion Clients with an older client version will not be able to connect.
minclientversion_auto_update true Auto update Client's files before connecting to the server
masterserver Master server address. There is absolutely no need to touch this if we're still alive.
announce true Announce to the master server so people can see you in their server browser.
announce_lan true Announce to your LAN network.
upnp false Use Universal Plug & Play protocol to automatically port forward.
log true Used to log all the console output to a file.
loglevel 0 Log level for debugging (between 0 and 3, where 1 is error, 2 is debug, 3 is verbose)
vehicle_lagcomp true Vehicle lag compensation switch. Disabling may result in smoother sync, but delayed data.
onfoot_lagcomp true On-foot lag compensation switch. Disabling may result in smoother sync, but delayed data.
refresh_rate 120 Server refresh rate
resource Resources to automatically start after the server starts.
acl_enabled true Sets whether the Access Control List is enabled.
whitelist Mod whitelist based on hash
mod Defines an allowed mod.
hash MD5 hash of the mod.
httpserver false Enable an HTTP server for file transfer.
local_address The local IP address to bind the server to.
trust_client_entity_properties false To either allow client-side entity properties to be accepted by the server
fqdn The ability to use FQDNs instead of IP addresses, if the IP matches the resolved domain name, then the IP gets replaced by the FQDN.
conntimeout true Enables or disables the 60 second reconnect timer.
allowcefdevtool false Enables the use of the CEF dev tools on the client.

Sample file

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<config xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:xsi="">
  <servername>Simple GTA Network Server</servername>

  <resource src="admin" />
  <resource src="freeroam" />
  <resource src="speedometer" />