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Server-Side Function

utilities-terminal.png Server-Side csharp.png C#

Triggers a client-side script event call from server-side to all players in a range. To trigger an event for a single player, use TriggerClientEvent.


void NAPI.ClientEvent.TriggerClientEventInRange(Vector3 position, float range, string eventName, params object[] args);

Required Arguments

  • pos: parameter input should be in Vector3 type.
  • range: parameter input should be in float type.
  • eventName: parameter input should be in string type.
  • args: parameter input should be in object type. See the Synchronized Types for which types of objects you can pass here.

Usage example

NAPI.ClientEvent.TriggerClientEventInRange(new Vector3(), 100.0f, "MyEvent", 1, 2, 3, "DUCK");


Version Description
1.0 Release.