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Server-Side Function

utilities-terminal.png Server-Side csharp.png C#

Sets the range status of a blip.


void NAPI.Blip.SetBlipShortRange(Blip blip, bool range);

Required Arguments

  • blip: The blip to set the range status. This parameter input should be in Blip type.
  • range: The range status to set. This parameter input should be in bool type. If this parameter is set to false, the blip can be seen from anywhere on the mini-map (displayed globally). If it's set to true, the blip can only be seen by players close to it.

Note that this function is related to the mini-map only; players could still see the blip anywhere by viewing the entire map, regardless of the blip range status.

Usage example(s)

Toggle the range status of a blip.

NAPI.Blip.SetBlipShortRange(myBlip, !NAPI.Blip.GetBlipShortRange(myBlip));


Version Description
1.0 Release.