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Server-Side Function

utilities-terminal.png Server-Side csharp.png C#

Sends a Native Call to all players in range of a specified position in a Dimension.


void NAPI.Native.SendNativeToPlayersInRangeInDimension(Vector3 pos, float range, uint dimension, ulong/Hash hash, params object[] args);

Required arguments

  • pos: parameter input should be in Vector3 type.
  • range: parameter input should be in float type.
  • dimension: parameter input should be in uint type.
  • longHash: parameter input should be in ulong type.

Optional arguments

  • args: all the arguments for the native of any type.

Usage example(s)

(Invalid hash, is just used as an example)

NAPI.Native.SendNativeToPlayersInRangeInDimension(myPos, 50f, 5, 0xE1EF3C1216AFF2CD, weapons, ammo);


Version Description
1.0 Release.