How to get started with the Client

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How to get started with the Client


This Tutorial will show you how to install the GTA:N client on your machine.


  • To have a clean GTAV install.
  • To have a fully updated game.
  • To have the game installed inside a folder that does not require admin rights.

Download the Client

Download the

Locate or create a directory

The easiest way would be the desktop. Create a folder on the desktop and name it "GTA Network".

Unzip/Unpacking the

Right click the and unlock the file. This is very important. Now extract GTANSetup.msi into your "GTA Network" folder.

After extracting the file just make a double left click on the GTANSetup.msi

What's a .msi and why are you not using a .exe? Follow this link for a short explanation: Difference between exe and msi

The setup begins

Follow the installation as usually, Select your Game type and choose an installation path you have permissions to.

Start the game

Head over to the desktop and double click "GTA Network"

Watch this video to see how it should work -> Start GTA Network


- Problem: System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Could not find file '<path-to-my-documents>'
- Solution: Launch your GTA V and then close it again in order for the game to build your profile

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