GTA Network Server Update v0-1-29-3.909

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GTA Network Server Update v0-1-29-3.909


  • "Server Full" exploit is no longer effective, it's dead. Thanks to whoever initiated those attacks, you've given us more than a reason to improve our net code.
  • No more exceptions spam non-sense.
  • Fixed the resources that broke with the sudden OOP API changes.


  • Server name now has a 58 char limit so it does not overflow and ruin the UI.
  • Max Player slots are now up to 1000. (That's just cosmetic)

Added features

  • Added the ability to use FQDNs instead of IP addresses, if the IP matches the resolved domain name, then the IP gets replaced by the FQDN. In order to use: add <fqdn></fqdn> to your settings.xml
  • Missing System.IO and System.Linq DLLs were added.
  • We've added player_streaming_range, global_streaming_range and vehicle_streaming_range in the settings.xml to prepare for the next Client update which should bring a lot of improvements.