GTA Network Server Security Update - v0.2.2.5

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GTA Network Server Security Update - v0.2.2.5

We're finally able to get rid of the malicious connection activity, with confidence I can say that most of the stressors don't stand a chance in crashing our server. First, to clear out some confusion, GTA Network does not provide anti-DDoS services nor a firewall software, sure we will filter out whatever that may interrupt the server's proper operability, point out possible attacker source IP but the rest is on you.




  • Harder malicious connection filtering. (netcode)
  • Sudden reconnects are now also filtered, if you happen to stay connected to the server for 60 seconds after first connection then you will be able to reconnect with no issues, otherwise you get denied access until the 60 seconds are over.

Added features

  • The server will now output a warning when there's a suspected malicious attack coming from a source, it is up to you to block those attackers using a firewall or not.
  • All suspected connection exploiters will be blocked as long as the server is online, the block list is cleared out at server restart.