GTA Network Client/Server Update - v0.2.13.1

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GTA Network Client/Server Update - v0.2.13.1

This update breaks backwards compatibility, it is required to update both Client & Server files

It's been a long time now since the last Client update, it may seem like nothing was actually happening since then but the truth is that we have been working around the clock since then, so ladies and gentlemen, here's what you've been waiting for since the release.


GTA Network is not a firewall software, blocking (D)Dos attacks is not our job, but here's what we recommend:

These two in combination should do the job, but be aware that it may not work against large scale ddos attacks.


  • FPS Improvements, yes that's true, the fps should improve a lot but we can't guarantee it a 100%, but it will keep getting improved.
  • Fixed most of CEF crashes, it is now also possible to use CEF in combination with other overlays such as Afterburner Rivatuner and such.
  • Fixed versioning, the server will now recognize outdated clients and vice-versa.
  • givePlayerWeapon should no longer add up ammo after prior weapon with loaded ammo removal.
  • Fixed assembly loading errors and exceptions.
  • Major Launcher code overhaul, most of reported crashes and issues were fixed, it should now check for dependencies and update itself in the future, it should no longer add junk to your game directory.
  • FQDNs are now resolved in Server browser.
  • "Favorites" are now fully functional.
  • Fixed the rare null reference and ExecutionEngineException error when terminating server on Windows, should now invoke onResourceStop on each resource every time the server terminates.
  • Fixed sudden server termination on Linux not invoking the onResourceStop, it should now respond to SIGTERM, SIGINT and SIGQUIT signals properly by invoking the resource stop on each active resource.
  • Game should now load into Story mode/Single player automatically which means loading into GTA Network.
  • Server browser multiple refreshing threads, it should no longer refresh twice and combine.
  • Server browser should no longer show new lines that break the UI.
  • Fixed multiple inputbox issues
  • Fixed critical ACL permissions bypass exploit.


  • Switched to SSL for masterlist querying on clientside to avoid an MITM attacks.
  • Server now announces every 2 minutes to avoid disappearance from masterlist
  • Cosmetic menu changes, reorganised and removed unnecessary garbage.
  • Masterlist now works differently, outdated servers will not appear due to the change.
  • The netcode should now drop suspected connections instead of denying them, this should decrease server workload.
  • Game type is now automatically recognised at launch.
  • Disabled checking for connected duplicate Social Club IDs on server
  • Sync code changes that should result in a less latency when doing calculations.
  • Decreased client time out detection to 5 seconds.
  • Removed Herobrine

Added features

  • CEF can now be toggled from the in-game settings, disabled by default.
  • CEF framerate can be changed from in-game settings, Automatic by default.
  • Added GetAllEntitySyncedData, GetAllWorldSyncedData, GetAllWorldData to the API for both Client-side and Server side.
  • Added a Verified tab, this should contain the servers that fall into our imposed strict requirements, more details -To be announced-.
  • Added a native FPS counter to the top-right, Can be toggled from settings.
  • Added Client-side chat time-stamp with the ability to switch from/to Military time, can be toggled from settings
  • Added a 100% savegame for those without one, it will be copied automatically.
  • All suspected attacks are now written to a separate file named 'attacks.log', this should contain the exploit type and the action taken against it (not all suspected attacks result in a ban), and it is better to externally firewall block the IP Addresses that were banned on the log for a better blocking efficiency.
  • player_streaming_range, global_streaming_range and vehicle_streaming_range in the settings.xml are now functional with the new client update.
  • Reconnect timer guard can now be disabled via settings.xml, <conntimeout/>.
  • Clientside scripting engine crash handling can now be toggled from in-game settings for improved performance over reliability (EXPERIMENTAL)
  • Added more cookies and chocolate, all homebrew cooked.