GTA Network Client/Server Update - v0.1.386.270

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GTA Network Client/Server Update - v0.1.386.270

"What? an update already?", I can hear you, well, our clocks don't stop ticking here and we work around it, so let's not make this intro long enough to forget the purpose of this update.


  • Fixed a CEF that executed the code twice and returned a SyntaxError exception in debug.log causing huge cpu usage and lags.


Added features

  • Added Developer tools for CEF that can be opened remotely from another browser, this allows you to do a lot of things from debugging to making mockups, to use, you should make sure that the feature was enabled from the settings menu, that you are running a cef resource on the server and that you are connected to the server, then we simply open http://localhost:9222 in a chrome/chromium browser.
  • Added a DevTool check server-side; DevTools can be dangerous in the wrong hands so they were disallowed by default, to allow clients with DevTools enabled, you should change allowcefdevtool's bool value to true in your server's settings.xml.