GTA Network Client/Server Update - v0.1.385.467 - Versioning Change

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GTA Network Client/Server Update - v0.1.385.467 - Versioning Change

As usual, back to you with an update, and this time it's more CEF oriented that should give you stability and performance like never before.

Note: Build versioning from now on should be identical to the assembly version.


  • CEF is now fully functional and stable with the deserved performance; also updated to the latest stable version available, you can now watch your youtube videos through GTAN's CEF browser. enabled by default. (can be disabled from the menu)
  • conntimeout should now function, it was a simple mistype and functioned with Conntimeout previously.
  • Fixed Quick Connect password not persisting after disconnecting from server.
  • Fix getVehicleOccupants returns disconnected players.
  • Fix onPlayerModelChange is never called.
  • Fix Submitting empty port in direct connect crashes the main menu.
  • Fixed FQDN not working properly.
  • No more buffer full spam in attack.log, Netcode should drop connections properly now.
  • Fix inverted returned value of Clientside Engine status func and renamed it to getVehicleEngineStatus.
  • Fix playSoundFrontEnd, should now function properly, check the wiki for the sound list.
  • Fix Crash when serializing Vector3 with toJson.
  • Ruiner2 Parachute deploy crash workaround, parachute will not deploy and this is temporary till we fix it.


  • Removed the ability to change CEF Framerate.
  • Removed Script Engine Crash Handling option, harms more than heals.
  • Weapon Ammo is now server-side tracked, no more cheating ammo with trainers.
  • Updated mod dependencies such as Clearscript-v8, protobuf, Newtonsoft.Json and EasyHook for better functionality.
  • Updated resource example 'rpg' with the fix from github's latest pull request.
  • More cookies and pancakes, once again, all homebrew cooked and perfectly baked at 175 degrees C with good quality ingredients, we think it's tasty! so should you! yikes!

Added features

  • Added an optional Media Streaming (Webcam/Microphone) through WebRTC.
  • Added set/get range objects to TextLabels; API: SetTextLabelRange/GetTextLabelRange, check the wiki for more details.
  • Added deleteObject for deleting unwanted map objects/props, check the wiki for more details.
  • Added API functions GetPlayerWeaponAmmo/SetPlayerWeaponAmmo, check the wiki for more details.
  • Added Offline mode as requested, you can set it through settings.xml.
  • Allow Visual mods such as sweetfx, reshade and etc..