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Entity class

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The Entity class represent an entity in your server.



using GTANetworkServer;

Entity Properties

Name Type Accessibility Description
handle GTANetworkShared.NetHandle Writeable ?
Value Int32 Read-Only Id of the entity
freezePosition Boolean Writeable-Only ?
position GTANetworkShared.Vector3 Writeable ?
rotation GTANetworkShared.Vector3 Writeable ?
IsNull Boolean Read-Only ?
exists Boolean Read-Only ?
type GTANetworkShared.EntityType Read-Only ?
transparency Int32 Writeable ?
dimension Int32 Writeable ?
invincible Boolean Writeable ?
collisionless Boolean Writeable ?
model Int32 Read-Only ?

Entity Methods

Name Return Parameters Description
get_handle() GTANetworkShared.NetHandle ?
get_Value() Int32 ?
op_Implicit() GTANetworkShared.NetHandle GTANetworkServer.Entity c ?
GetHashCode() Int32 ?
Equals() Boolean System.Object obj ?
op_Equality() Boolean GTANetworkServer.Entity left, GTANetworkServer.Entity right ?
op_Inequality() Boolean GTANetworkServer.Entity left, GTANetworkServer.Entity right ?
set_freezePosition() Void Boolean value ?
set_position() Void GTANetworkShared.Vector3 value ?
get_position() GTANetworkShared.Vector3 ?
set_rotation() Void GTANetworkShared.Vector3 value ?
get_rotation() GTANetworkShared.Vector3 ?
get_IsNull() Boolean ?
get_exists() Boolean ?
get_type() GTANetworkShared.EntityType ?
set_transparency() Void Int32 value ?
get_transparency() Int32 ?
set_dimension() Void Int32 value ?
get_dimension() Int32 ?
set_invincible() Void Boolean value ?
get_invincible() Boolean ?
set_collisionless() Void Boolean value ?
get_collisionless() Boolean ?
get_model() Int32 ?
delete() Void ?
movePosition() Void GTANetworkShared.Vector3 target, Int32 duration ?
moveRotation() Void GTANetworkShared.Vector3 target, Int32 duration ?
attachTo() Void GTANetworkShared.NetHandle entity, String bone, GTANetworkShared.Vector3 offset, GTANetworkShared.Vector3 rotation ?
detach() Void ?
detach() Void Boolean resetCollision ?
createParticleEffect() Void String ptfxLib, String ptfxName, GTANetworkShared.Vector3 offset, GTANetworkShared.Vector3 rotation, System.Single scale, Int32 bone ?
setSyncedData() Void String key, System.Object value ?
getSyncedData() System.Object String key ?
resetSyncedData() Void String key ?
hasSyncedData() Boolean String key ?
setData() Void String key, System.Object value ?
getData() System.Object String key ?
resetData() Void String key ?
hasData() Boolean String key ?
ToString() String ?
GetType() System.Type ?